Being Nishank

I’ve been walking alone a long phase,
Lost many pals and forgot to chase.
Finally I’ve forgotten how to do ‘love’,
Heart inside me only beats nowadays.
So I regret for…
Being declined by success.
Losing my heart,
Being so boring & loveless.

I show up interestingly but disappear dully,
Vanished from many minds and I see that Lully.
But am not disappointed and feel so sorry,
Coz’ I have many other circumstances to worry.
So I regret for…
Not being as their expectations.
But I am happy that,
Never lived life with falsification.

I took some chances, to change myself
I choose to do a lot of things to be better
Tried to impress some, dreamt a few too
Neither I was bad lover nor good hater.
& I don’t regret for
Being myself
Nobody can be this much
Honest theirself.


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