Last Words From A Dying Creature


Hi… This is me. I don’t know what name you’ve given to me. I don’t even give a fuck about that. FYI, these are my last words.  Right now one human is taking my picture and another one is standing behind with a Fly Swatter on his hand, ready to kill me. I’ve never harmed anyone in my life, I love to fly, and I’m an extraordinary jumper. I don’t have any idea how horrible or cute I look, it really doesn’t matters to me, but I guess it matters to you humans. If I was a butterfly, they would gently let me know go outside the window. But I’m not a butterfly and waiting for that one shot and then my game is over. Goodbye all, kill me, feel good, stay safe, and have fun.



3 thoughts on “Last Words From A Dying Creature

  1. I can feel the pain of that beautiful creature. I feel bad that every time when it comes to pity, we judge by the cover of book. RIP you poor creature. @NRB your post are so short and great. Keep up the good and inspiring work. 😀


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